Nordtenwest OÜ

Founders on Nordtenwest (established in 2010) are classmates Margus Rebane(45) and Aleksander Käo(45). Margus has 35 years of experience building and sailing different boats, at the time Aleksander was involved with karting, rallying and engineering. Thus between us two, we have the necessary skills and knowledge of boat structures and engines. Since both of us still like to journey on the sea, we would like to offer these opportunities to anyone interested. The logical outcome of things was to found a company called Nordtenwest. In our visions there is nothing elitist in boating. We are the people of the sea, there is only a need to revive the good old habits. Therefore we don't build fast and luxurious boats, but economical, sea and weather proof, father to son inheritable, at a fair price, hobby and work boats. However we have set ourselves a high goal, reach among the best in A the field.

We are members of Association of Estonian Boatyards and have an approval issued us by the Estonian Maritime Administration.